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What's that smell...

One thing that every wanna-be camper needs to know about is...

Camp Onions

What the hell are camp onions!? They're amazing that's what they are. This recipe is one that I learned from my brief stint in Boy Scouts, my Dad was a Scout Master, so, I took my Tomboy phase seriously. These babies are good on everything. Not an onion fan? These may sway you.

I was making these long before a particular cook book came out and referred to them as Counter Onions. Very similar, but my recipe was always a use what you have, and was never the same. This is what you need;

Airtight Container or a Ziplock Baggie

Olive Oil or whatever you have < like I said use what you have.

Vinegar, any kind works



Seasonings, really anything works, stray away from baking spices

Onion < again any kind works

Base recipe;

1- Medium Onion, sliced thin, sweet white or Vidalia are my favorites

1/2-3/4 Cup Olive Oil, varies on size of onion

2 tbsp Vinegar

Salt & Pepper

Last ingredient; Seasoning, this is where things get interesting. We've used whole cloves of garlic, Italian herbs, season salt, lemon pepper, Mrs. Dash, anything works. Experience, the garlic was delicious, the Italian herbs was a camp favorite, and lemon pepper worked beautifully on pork chops. Play around till you find something you like.

Directions; mix all ingredients in an airtight container or ziplock bag, mix around or shake the bag, seal and you're done. Now leave them be for at least a day, preferably in a cool place, definitely not inside your camper, or tent. Unless you really enjoy the smell of a teenage boy locker room. Your choice. You've been warned.

The next day, you'll have delicious marinated onions that make an excellent addition to meats, salads, on top of toast, or just eat them with a fork. They are so yummy and addictive. Now, the best part is the leftover marinade. Hello instant salad dressing, or marinate any kind of meat. It's so good. Then make another batch, because you'll be hooked. We always had a mason jar of these babies sitting around our camp. I've currently got a new batch marinating and chicken marinating in the fridge in the extra oil. Yumm.

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