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The "route" of it...

One of the most exciting parts of our decision is planning our very first route. I could see this being a little easier without kids, but our little darlings are tagging along, which means; family friendly campgrounds, activities, just to name a couple. I dug in earlier today, researching the best campgrounds, places to visit etc. I was a little premature. It's a good idea too know where you want to go first. Ok, the route of it...

Pick fives places you want to visit, and then create a Google Map Trip. I'll hopefully be making a post on that soon, because it took me forever to figure it out. Anywho, once you have your five places, research campgrounds that have the amenities you need or want. Our must haves; laundry, dog park, kid friendly, and a fire pit never hurts. Laundry, we do not have a washer or dryer in our unit. It's just too small. I briefly looked into small portable units, but the hassle, and again storage space is limited, so, campgrounds with laundromats is a must. Dog park, our dogs currently live with a half acre fenced in backyard. Going from this to full time being on leash would be a hard adjustment, so find places with dog parks, and bonus our pooches get a little social time in too. Kid friendly, you would think that ALL campgrounds are kid friendly. Nope. There are RV Resorts made for adults or those retired folks that want a bit of peace and quiet. Fire pit, I mean what is better than sitting around a campfire surrounded by nature? I'll tell you, nothing. Teaching my kids to set things on fire is quite fun too, along with the medicinal perks of a burnt marshmallow every now and then.

Okay, okay, the route. We are kicking off our Summer/Fall route heading North-East. This was more of my decision because Maine in the fall...magical. We have five campgrounds picked out, and will stay an average of 7 to 10 days at each. That puts us at around 5 to 7 weeks total, unless we get squirrely and decide to extend. But hey, that's what this is about, being free to wander, explore, and discover.

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