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Choosing the right "travel-school" curriculum...

The return to school will look a lot different this year for everyone. My oldest, an upcoming sixth grader, and my middle child, a soon to be third grader had the "real-school" experience. I did not want to ruin what memories they have from their "real-school" experience, so I made the decision that homeschooling would be the right step for us. From surrounding counties it seems school will be mostly virtual, with the occasional in-person learning day, that will not be anything similar to what it was. In the back of mind since March, I had the idea of taking this forced opportunity to teach my kids, and travel. On a whim, we purchased a 26ft travel trailer, we literally cannot fit anything larger in our very steep driveway, hence the "No Wiggle Room", but we will make it work. More on that soon.

Okay, choosing a travel-friendly curriculum for three different age groups is an absolute nightmare. This is coming from a new to homeschooling Mom. Holy cow there are so many options. I've be a stay-at-home mom for 10 years, and homeschooling has never been on my radar. How fast things change. There are 100% online curriculum's, a giant box curriculum kit, half-half, faith-based, non-religion based, or design your own, and the list keeps going. Hello, two Advil and a glass of wine. Online curriculums make sense for our limited storage predicament, but the screen time makes me nervous. I love the idea of a good old-fashion workbook, or learning, reading outside. Hours of research, watching Youtube reviews, and must knows, I limited my choices. I still have not 100% made a decision, but I'm leaning towards Sonlight. This curriculum works with multiple students, and thank goodness offers a help page for those of us that are new to this homeschooling gig. If you are reading this and have any helpful input please comment below.

When I finally make a decision I'll be sure to update everyone. Stay tuned for our RV Reno, and storage tricks/hacks. xoxo

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